Wakanda Forever

We have been giddy over Black Panther for weeks now, and it hit A billion dollars!!   Many people are greeting one another with the words Wakanda Forever or simply using the sign 🙅🏾‍♀️✊🏾that greeting was so powerful in the movie.   But the movie, the scenes, the sentiments go a lot deeper than just… Read More Wakanda Forever

Black History Month – Carol Mosely-Braun

Carol Mosely-Braun August 6, 1947 – present Carol Mosely-Braun was born on August 16, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating from the University of Illinois in 1969 with a degree in political science, Moseley Braun attended the university’s law school. She earned her law degree in 1972, and began working as an assistant U.S. attorney in… Read More Black History Month – Carol Mosely-Braun

Black History Month – Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama ! We love her! She will forever be the best First Lady EVER!! We Miss her Class, Humility, Grace and Presence. Michelle has just announced that she will be releasing her first memoir, Becoming, this November!! We can’t wait! Pre-Order available here: BECOMING  Becoming marks Michelle Obama’s first memoir and second book; she previously published American… Read More Black History Month – Michelle Obama

Black History Month – Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday April 7, 1915 – July 17, 1959 Billie Holiday was born Eleanora Fagan on April 7, 1915, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Some sources say her birthplace was Baltimore, Maryland, and her birth certificate reportedly reads “Elinore Harris.”) Holiday started skipping school, and she and her mother went to court over Holiday’s truancy. She was… Read More Black History Month – Billie Holiday